Brisbane Taylor


My work is concerned with exploring the relationship between binary opposites, how they co-exist and relate to and affect one another. This includes what happens when one invades, interrupts and disrupts the other, challenging the unrealistic boundaries which are often used to define and differentiate between the two. I am interested in how this affects meaning, interpretation, and understanding. This incorporates an interest in exploring the use of binaries, and their boundaries, to exercise control and promote conformity by determining what is acceptable and unacceptable. The characteristics, order/chaos and controlled/uncontrolled, remain a specific source of fascination.

My practice is concerned with the relationship between concept, process, use of materials and aesthetics, each playing an important role in the final outcome. My work therefore explores these themes through the combination of opposing process and materials. I employ ordered/chaotic, controlled/uncontrolled processes which allow one characteristic to interrupt, disrupt, invade the other. This involves wrestling to control the uncontrollable whilst disrupting the controlled and maintaining elements of both within the work. The theme is reinforced through the choice of materials, selecting ones containing opposing qualities/characteristics